wtorek, 19 sierpnia 2008

Wedding in the rain

Ok, so I've promised to write about the wedding we attended on Friday. We had to drive about six hours to get to our destination, but it was worth it. It was a very elegant and certainly the best dressed reception I've attented so far. The groom wore a tux and the bride very nice lace dress with long train and long veil , very Oleg Cassini-style. All of the guests were in cocktail wear. It's not so obvious here in Poland. We usually don't have a dress code stated in the invitations, and most guests are dressed in a random fashion- during one ceremony you can see a guest in formal wear, others in cocktail wear, some even in business attire. Anything in between overdressed and underdressed. A problem that might be solved by simply indicating the dress code on the invitation.
The ceremony took place in a very nice old church. The best thing was that during the ceremony a actual choir was singing. Everything went nice and smooth, until we looked outside and saw it was raining cats and dogs. And the bus which was supposed to take us to the reception was a few blocks away. We couldn't get a taxi without waiting for 35 minutes, so we decided to be brave and to run in the rain to the bus. And we did:-). We only had one umbrella for the four of us ( me, my hubby, and the friends of us) so it was decided that the girls are gonna take it, and the gents will pull their jackets over their heads:-). We got to the bus totally soaked, and I was devastated to find out that the paper in which the present was wrapped dyed my jacket in some places:-( So I was feeling rather down, when we got to the venue, which was a very posh golf and country club. But the reception was nice, and I managed to clean my jacket off the day after the wedding, after hours after hours of careful work with the bleach. I'm the mastah, yay.
BTW, the highlight of the wedding was the moment we found out a golf cart left unattended and we took it for the little joyride in complete darkness. It was real fun!

We didn't take our camera with us, so today we had to recreate what I wore:-). So please excuse my lack of make-up, the messy hair ( I'm going to the hairdresser's the day after tomorrow), and the print of the bra on my back;-). Of course I didn't wear a bra at the wedding.

I loved the combination of my sequined dress with the lantern with that awful wall;-)

A bit of strip tease;-)

I wore the dress over the jacket for modesty's sake to the church, and the dress itself to the reception. Because of all those sequins I decided not to wear any jewellery. The dress is in beige/nude, and the sequins are like mother-of-pearl, they shine in different colors, it depends on the light. I absolutely love my nude pumps. It was the first time I've worn them, and they were absolutely comfy. What a great find, and I 've found them by pure accident:-)

Jacket- H&M( I own the full suit, with pants)
Dress- thrifted
Pumps- Jacqueline Riu

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  1. YES, the delicate nude tone of these precious Dress is very sensual, as a subtle/carnal "hand-to-hand" with your body . . . and You frankly give us an other piece of evidence that a sculptural bare back can really be enchanting !!!

    A Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Thank you very much:-). I bought the dress maybe two years ago and haven't worn it since. Poor thing was hanging in the wrdrobe, feeling lonely:-). It was high time I introduced it to the world:-)

  3. Dakota wygladasz zjawiskowo!
    Piekne buty...ale o tym juz mowilam Ci wielokrotnie, strasznie ich zazdroszcze :)

  4. Dziekuje:-). Buty sa faktycznie super, nie tylko ladne, ale i zdumiewajaco wygodne:-)

  5. Thanks for the comment. How was your weekend? I hope well. :)

  6. Wow bardzo odwazna i seksowna kreacja :)

  7. Fashion Chalet, thank you, it was great:-). Hubby and I went to our hometown of Cracow and we really enjoyed ourselves:-). The weather was wonderful.

  8. you're fabulous, really you are.

  9. Thank you, Karla, coming from you it really means a lot to me:-)

  10. I think you look too naked... This dress is so... I don't know. It does not suit you.
    And for a wedding? noooooo

  11. I've heard that you're not supposed to go to the wedding in black. You can't go in white. I even read somebody's oppionion that bright colours are out of question:-). And now beige is on the list? Oh my:-)
    I don't think there was something wrong with wearing that dress to the wedding, especially when it was paired with the jacket during the ceremony. But off course our oppionins may differ on the subject:-)

  12. Well... it's not the matter of color just... I don't know. U see, the dress is very evening dress and the picture was taken at day light and you look at this picture very cheap. I mean the dress. and I think too much nude. If you show your grate breast and beautiful back( your body is really grate), then to show legs is too much.

    And I just loved your hippie look!! "w trzcinie"

  13. Believe me, the dress looks different in the articial light, when the sequins come to life and start reflecting the light. But I haven't got the pictures from the reception, that's why I published those.
    I generally agree with the rule that you show the decoltee or the legs. I wouldn't dare to wear such a short dress if the cleavage was shown. But I felt it's a bit different with the back:-)

    Thank you for your oppinion:-)

  14. Oh, and the dress isn't that short, I guess the slip must have ridden while the photos were taken.