piątek, 8 sierpnia 2008

Fear of the dark

Oh my. It's been almost a week now since we went to the screening of "The Dark Knight" preceding the official premiere, which will take place today. And I needed the days that've passed since to recover. The movie is truly great. It's deeply emotional and touching to the core. When the ending titles started rolling, all I was able to to do was to seat motionless in my chair, unable to utter a single world. I expected it to be good, I absolutely loved the first part of Nolan's franchise, I've read the extatic reviews after the American premiere, so my hopes naturally were high. But the movie was more than I expected. So deep and so wonderfully dark. I don't want to write much about the plot itself, not to spoil it for those who have not seen it yet, but the performances were really strong. Heath Ledger's Joker was a pure genius part. It was brilliant acting. My husband and I decided to wear black to the screening, to honour his untimely passing away. I loved also Gary Oldman's part, but he is one of my most favourite actors, anyway. And it was good to see one of my celebrity crushes, Christian Bale, in this menacing costume again;-).

I don't know if you're a Batman fan, but it's a great movie and I strongly recommend it. We are definitely going to see it again in couple of days. I can't wait.

Speaking of celebrity crushes, I had and opportunity to see another one of my favourite Brits
yesterday, as Iron Maiden was playing a gig in Warsaw. Bruce Dickinson is one of the sexiest, funniest and the most intelligent guys in the music world;-). He's not only the gifted musician, but also a professional jet pilot, a very skilled fencer, writer... Can you imagine that? The concert was great. Supposedly there was almost 30 thousand people in the stadium. Just imagine how it looked and sounded, when all those people started singing "Happy Birthday" to Bruce, who turned 50 yesterday. The concert was a great show, I love that they play the old songs on this tour, it brings so many memories;-). And I've got the feeling that the band doesn't take what they're playing very seriously, unlike some of the die hard fans:-).

In clothing terms, most people turned up in typical heavy metal fan garb- dressed in band black t- shirts, combat boots, some in fatigues, biker jackets, the usual. The girls opted for a similar look or a bit more goth- with long skirts or very short ones, heavy make up, lots of jewellery. I decided to wear a black t-shirt and black shorts, nothing fierce to it:-). And I wore flats with that instead of heavy boots:-). On the way home I kept thinking that I can easily relate to those fans, as I've been a fan of all kinds of rock all my life. But the funny thing is, I've never felt the urge to express it with my clothes. I didn't want to appear dark and gloomy. OK, I've always loved wearing black and it's still my favourite colour. And I was wearing skinny jeans, when everybody and their mother were wearing flared leg jeans. It was more rocker style:-). But I was never one for wearing band t-shirt, or any other typical fan clothing. I am still a rocker girl, even when I have to wear a business suit. It's about who you are and not how you look. Nothing's gonna change it:-).
And that's me among the fellow fan crowd. The pic was taken in a complete darkness and with a cell phone, you know how it is.

Rock on!:-)

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  1. Ja się wybieram na Batmana w poniedziałek (Orange dba o swoich klientów ;) Nie czytałam recenzji i raczej nastawiałam się, że będzie bez rewelacji (ostatni Batman strasznie mnie znudził). Zamierzałam iść tylko ze względu na Heatha Ledgera i Maggie Gyllenhaal, których uwielbiam. Tym bardziej się cieszę, że piszesz, że film robi wrażenie. Już zacieram ręce.
    A tak w ogóle to uważam, że Kartaginę należy zniszczyć, znaczy się, że najlepszym Batmanem był Val Kilmer :)

  2. Ja w niedziele ide drugi raz, juz sie nie moge doczekac:-). Film wg mnie wgniata w fotel. Pierwsza czesc mi sie podobala, ale druga jest duzo lepsza:-).
    A z Batmanow uznaje Keatona i Bale'a:-)

  3. you saw Iron Maiden?n that is freakin awesome.

  4. You have a great blog and I was wondering if you would like to link up with mine, so please contact me!

  5. Fashion Addict, let's trade links:-)
    Karafina, it was really awesome, the concert was fun:-)

  6. a ja miałam być na Iron Maiden...tak czekałam na trasę z numerami z mojego ulubionego Seven Sona i co? ja w pracy a mój ukochany, wielki fan- w wojsku! co z tego, ze on zostanie kapralem, a ja zarobie nieco? bylismy na Maiden już 4lata temuw Katowiccha, ale z tego co widzialam na youtube ten koncert był jeszcze lepszy... pozdrawiam!

  7. Szkoda, ze nie udalo wam sie dotrzec na koncert. Byl naprawde swietny:). Ja rowniez pozdrawiam!