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The kings of cool and me

My beloved photographer went on a business trip, so I won't post a new outfit. Something triggered me today to start thinking about my fashion past, though, how I'd used to look many years ago and what I'd thought about the clothes. So I will bore you a little with my distant memories;-)

I was born by the end of the 70s ( yes, my dear readers, I am that old;-P), and the years of my childhood were the difficult times here in Poland. We lacked basically everything. You couldn't be too choosy about your clothes then- I remembered my mom telling me that she had to buy what was in the shop, regardless of it's size, and then to swap it with some other mom for something my size. Of course, situation had gotten better in the next years, but still, there wasn't any malls here, only small and overpriced boutiques and the department stores, which weren't any good. Most of my clothes were inherited from a bit older relatives or brought by friends from abroad. I was a calm, shy and rather withdrawn bookworm then, so it wasn't a problem to me, I knew such was the reality, I care more about buying more books. I wasn't searching for popularity among the other kids in school. But I remember that I was always dressed nicely, as my mom was giving me the lessons of what looks good and what is proper in which situation. And I was interested in fashion more than I would admit it- I still have the drawings I made as a kid, some clothes I'd designed then weren't half bad:-)

When I was in high school, second hand shops were introduced in Poland. At that time it wasn't trendy to shop there, they were considered the shops for the poor. But the clothes there were different from those y0u could find in the shops then. My mom and I didn't care much what people would think of us thrifting and we had many great finds. I like shopping in the second hand shops to this day, as the clothes in the popular chains are virtually the same. I used to dress simply and a bit rockerish then, I hated all the things girly. I wore skinny jeans with simple tops, in Winter paired them with riding boots ( real ones, I used to ride then). Nobody saw me as stylish, though, as everybody was sporting flared jeans;-). I didn't care for the trends, I liked to be true to myself.

I still used to wear jeans, simple tops and comfy shoes when I went to the university. And then I went to the U.S. for some time and it changed me in so many ways... I felt so at home in NYC, so free. The people couldn't care less even when I was walking the dog wearing my pajamas. Nobody was giving me looks, people sometimes stopped me in the street to give me a compliment. So I experimented a little with more girly, a bit more sexy style and I liked that. I brought home tonnes of new clothes. But I remembered that when I put my assymetrical jean skirt on, people kept staring as if I were naked, just because I looked a bit different, there wasn't anything tacky to it. I wasn't brave enough to wear some of the clothes I brought from the States here. I was thinking more of the trends by then, but still adding a bit of trendiness to my basics, to the clothes I liked wearing regardless if they were in at the moment or not.

When I was in my early 20s, my foster sister asked me whether I thought I was cool. I was thinking of myself as of a person above that, not trying to be cool for the others. But you know what? Maybe there is a little truth in what some women say, that you become much more self-confident, even when to comes to the way you're dressed, when you reach age of 30. I know and like my body, and I know what I like to wear. I still love simplicity, and the clothes that compliment my figure. And I feel like a real woman, even when I'm wearing jeans and tank top. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I am myself and I like that.

And that's what I was thinking, when I went for a walk, wearing a white burnout top, my new favourite cut-offs, gladiator sandals, big bag and sunnies. It was simple, comfy yet sexy oufit. And to sum it all up, I don't know if the others think I'm cool. The best thing is, I feel cool. Hell yes, I really do!:-)))

And speaking of cool, in my there aren't people cooler than the surfers. I don't surf myself and I must confess I am rather scared of the deep water, but I love to watch others surf. And I was a surfer's girlfriend, although for a very short time;-). I've just seen two great documentaries about the surfers and I would like to recommend them to those who haben't seen them: those are " Riding Giants" and "Step into Liquid". Both are visually stunning, funny and even emotionally touching, however strange it may sound. But those people really love what they do and it's great.

Isn't it?


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  1. Oh no. :( You should report to the store you ordered your boots from how the mail lost them. Maybe they can refund you or send another pair?? Next time shop from (more reliable!) :) and free shipping. Thanks for your comments. Talk more, when I get back from out of town. :) Have a happy, fun & long weekend! <3

  2. I'd tried so many times to contact the shop, but to no avail. Nextn time I will buy from the different store, I don't trust them anymore. Enjou your long weekend:-)

  3. Thank you for the comment on my dress.. I love to surf by the way :)

    Is there a way to email or call the shop you ordered them from? I hope they can refund you.... or the post office??

  4. Don't worry, I'm fine, the lost money isn't a problem, I'm just very dissapointed that I still don't have my dream boots.

    Oh, I dfinitely have to learn how to surf:-). I just need to overcome my fear of drowning first:-)

  5. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez administratora bloga.

  6. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez administratora bloga.

  7. Pianazludzien, nie wolisz po polsku? Czasem mam lenia i wybieram pisanie notek tylko po angielsku, zeby cwiczyc jezyk:-). No prosze, prosze, niezla sprawa z twoim facetem:-). Ja dziewczyna surfera bylam baardzo krotko, ale moj podziw dla surfingu trwa:-)
    Z byciem starym oczywiscie zartowalam;-)

  8. aha, moge po polsku, nie wiedzialam do konca jakie panuja zasady na blogu i nie chcialam byc nieuprzejma, bo widzialam powyzej, ze rozmowa przebiega po angielsku:) Plus cwiczenie jezyka, mam w moim angielskim sporo nalecialosci z niemieckiego i musze nad tym pracowac;) Pozdrawiam i lacze sie w podziwie dla surferstwa;) PS w nastepna sobote - nowy jork! ;)

  9. Odpowiadam po polsku i po angielsku w zaleznosci od komentujacego:-). Bardzo mi milo, ze tu zajrzalas, zapraszam:-). NYC zazdroszcze, choc mam nadzieje, ze my pojedziemy tam na Boze Narodzenie i Nowy Rok:-). Baw sie dobrze i zdaj relacje z wycieczki, moim zdaniem to genialne miasto.

  10. dzieki:) zalozylam wlasnie bloga: na ktorym bede zdawac relacje na bierzaco, w kazdym razie sprobuje;) zycze spelnienia swiatecznych planow, pozdrawiam!