poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2009

Tigers and horses

What a nice place for a family gathering the Sobkow Castle is. There is a nice restaurant there, a stable, a nearby river.  You can go for a walk in the fields surrounding the castle to burn out some calories after the big dinner:)

Give me horses and I'm happy. I really, really need to take horseriding up again, I really miss it. I love how velvety the horses are, I had to pet them all:).  I loved the bay one the most, as you can see.

The off shoulder tiger tunic from Stradivarius is a good choice for a very warm day, since it's white, loose and made of thin fabric. I can assure you that the skirt ( which in fact was a zipper skirt, although you can't see it in the pictures, which is a pity) was of more decent length, it just kept riding up:). It is mid-tigh length usually:)

My husband's nieces were having fun in the water, and I joined them at first just to wash my hands, rather dirty after patting the whole stable of horses on the necks, but the water was so cool and inviting... I just had to wade in the river for a while.

What a nice Sunday it was. I guess fun was had by all. 

Tunic- Stradivarius