sobota, 31 stycznia 2009

Made for each other

Yay, the first outfit post in a long time, and I've got a lot of new clothes to show you. I've been looking for a winter coat for some time and I couldn't find anything I liked. Frankly, I wanted something rather classical in shape, but interesting in color. Instead, I found and fell in love at first sight with that one- it is black, as is most of my wardrobe, but I thought the coat and me were made for each other. You can't fight true love, can you? Just think about it- a coat styled after a motorcycle jacket? How could I not buy it?
I'm wearing three items I bought in the States: the red bag, Emus, and, last but not least, the dark object of my desire, ie faux leather skinnies. The inspiration for today's outfit was provided by Emmanuele Alt, with her love of military jackets.

Tee- Alternative Apparel
Military jacket-Easy Wear
Skinnies- Express
Bag- Michael Kors

7 komentarzy:

  1. Szalenie podoba mi sie kurtka! Jest boska! Rurki fajnie błyszcza i podobaja mi sie w połaczeniu z Emu :)


  2. spodnie są fantastyczne a kurteczka - rewelacyjna :)

  3. i love that third picture especially! such a chic outfit!

    La C.

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