sobota, 8 listopada 2008

Oh, the 90's:-)

You don't know it yet, but I absolutely love the movie "Wayne's World". It's a great glimpse of the 90's musical scene ( at least that hard rock part of it rather than the grunge scene). The movie, or rather both movies, are really silly but hillarious. I love the opening sequence of the first movie, with the headbanging to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody:

It makes me do the same everytime I hear the song:-). And there's the fashion- the ripped jeans, the band t-shirts, the plaid shirts, the snickers. All the classics of that decade;-). I haven't worn ripped jeans in many years, probably since the late 90's. And the funny thing is, I really feel like doing it now. So I've spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect pair of jeans, then I decided I own the pair that would be nice, although it's not in the light wash I wanted. And you know, ripping jeans is no easy job. But I did it, and hope I will be able to show you the results soon, maybe tomorrow.
So far I can give you this:

Grunge-y chic;-) by dakota77

I'd totally wear the ripped jeans this way:-)

6 komentarzy:

  1. ja chcę takie buty ;)
    a spodnie... może warto poszarpać jakieś stare?

  2. Szukalam w second handach, bo chcialam takie jasne, jak na zdjeciu z filmu:-). W koncu poszarpalam moje stare Coopery, chyba nawet z epoki:-). W koncu to musza byc spodnie, ktore dobrze leza, a te lubie. To darcie okazalo sie naprawde nie takim latwym i czasochlonnym zadaniem:-)

  3. ale na pewno warto było :) z niecierpliwością czekam na zdjęcia (co najmniej) :)
    a na marginesie: uwielbiam "Wayne's World" :)

  4. To super, ludzie zwykle wstydza sie do tego przyznac;-)

  5. i'm crazy about riooed jeans but i haven't gotten around to do that to a pait of my jeans. maybe this weekend for sure, maybe

  6. waynes world,dazed,bowie and moss. I love the nineties too . Great blog