czwartek, 23 października 2008


I was tagged by Bella and I'm really sorry I'm doing it only now, but better late than never. I'm supposed to share with you some of my oddities. I guess that would make quite a long list, but I will try and give you just six, as required.

My quirks:
-I'm scared to death by the bees and wasps. I get hysterical anywhere near them, although I was stung by a bee once and it turned out I'm not allergic to their venom
-I hate having dirty or sticky hands. In those cases I need to head for the bathroom immediately, otherwise I almost feel sick
-I can't fall asleep if there are any sounds to be heard. I really need it to be quiet. That's why I always check the floor if there is anything the cats could play with in the night
-If I'm buying something, say rolls, and I need let's say 6 of them, but there are 7 in the container, I will buy 7, just to not let the last one sad and unwanted;-). Just as I did as a child.
-I still have my favorite stuffed animals and remember their names
-I never have enough of French fries and asparagus:-)

So now I'm tagging the following bloggers dear:
Newly Inspired


10 komentarzy:

  1. Interesting! I hate bees, bugs, crawly things too :)

  2. So it seems we have another thing in common:-)

  3. Uh oh slippery fingers... I hate it when I bump the wrong button!! lol
    Let me just say thank you for doing this super great tag! Number four is my absolute favorite! And I can definitely relate to quiet sleeping time! LOL


  4. Bardzo prosze o poprawienie adresu mojej strony w linkach. Niestety adres na blogspocie mi nie działa :( wiec was nie przerzuci już do mnie automatycznie.

  5. I hate bees 。
    Because it has to bite me.

  6. this was so interesting to read!

    i can't sleep with any sounds of light !

    and i neveeer leave one of anything behind. haha i used to do it as a child too! i always liked things to be with their "friends"

    strange, isn't it.

  7. That's amazing, I've never known anybody who would do the same thing:-)

  8. Thanks for the tag! I'll try get onto it when I'm done with exams :)